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Stoichiometry Problems

1a)  How many moles of chlorine gas (Cl2) would react with 5 moles of sodium (Na) according
       to the  following chemical equation? (Balance equation.)

                                                   Na + Cl2 --> NaCl

1b)  Using the equation (after it is balanced) above, determine the amount of product that can be
        produced  from 24.7 g Na.  

1c)  How many molecules of product would be produced from 24.7g Na?


2a)  In the reaction 2C8H18 + 25O2 --> 16CO2 + 18 H2O, the ratio of volumes of O2 to CO2
is    _________________.

2b)  If 27.3g of C8H18 are combusted, what mass of water will be produced?

2c)  How many molecules of CO2 will be produced?

2d)  How many atoms of H are in 2 mol of C8H18?

2e)  What is the percentage, by mass, of the H in 2 mol of C8H18?



Answers Stoichiometry Problems