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Gas Law Problems

Boyle's Law Problems

1.  The volume of the lungs is measured by the volume of air inhaled or exhaled.  If the 
     volume of the lungs is 2.400 L during exhalation and the pressure is 101.70 KPa, and the
     pressure during inhalation is 101.01 KPa, what is the volume of the lungs during inhalation? 


2.  The total volume of a soda can is 415 mL.  Of this 415 mL, there is 60.0 mL of headspace
     for the CO2 gas put in to carbonate the beverage.  If a volume of 100.0 mL of gas at
    standard pressure is added to the can, what is the pressure in the can when it has been


3.  It is hard to begin inflating a balloon.  A pressure of 800.0 Kpa is required to initially inflate
     the balloon 225.0 mL.  What is the final pressure when the balloon has reached it's capacity
     of 1.2 L?


4.  If a piston compresses the air in the cylinder to 1/8 it's total volume and the volume is 
     930 cm3  at STP, what is the pressure after the gas is compressed? 


5.  If a scuba tank that has a capacity of 10.0 dm3  is filled with air to 500.0 KPa, what will be
     the volume of the air at 702.6 KPa? 


Charles' Law Problems

Combined Gas Law Problems

Dalton's Law of Partial Gas Pressures

Rate of Diffusion Problems

1) Compare quantitatively the rates of diffusion of oxygen and sulfur dioxide.

2) Compare quantitatively the rates of diffusion of methane and ammonia.

3) Compare quantitatively the rates of diffusion of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.



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